Hiring: Accuracy and Fallacy

hiringSome boast about their ability to judge people, yet usually makes a wrong decision in hiring. When hiring a person, the decision must be made on more substantial bases.

Increased Emphasis on Appearance. In most contacts with peoples, our immediate reaction is to their appearance. A person whose physical characteristics, dress and presence are pleasant, neat and attractive starts off on the right foot in most interpersonal relationships. This does not mean that you should judge the book solely by its cover or that you should give preference to those applicants flashing their designer laptop bags or beautiful men and women with expensive taste on clothes. Neatness, a pleasant countenance and good, appropriate taste in dress and grooming are important.

This doesn’t mean that certain aspects of appearance shouldn’t be considered. For example, if the applicant’s mode of dress and accessories or other aspects of his or her appearance are unconventional, like tagging along a rolling briefcase on submitting his resume for a clerical job, may definitely make you think twice.

For jobs calling for dealing with customers, these may be negative factors. But for other jobs, they shouldn’t influence your decision. Some psychologists point out that such idiosyncrasies provide inside into the applicant’s personality. Probing questions and perhaps, interviews with psychologists might bring out what the applicant is consciously or subconsciously projecting.

Choosing the Applicant with the Same Background as Yours. One tends to subconsciously favor people whose backgrounds are close to one’s own. There is a comfortable feeling when dealing with people who have shared a similar environment or experience. This can be an asset in that working relationship can be developed more rapidly and more easily. However, it may lead to choosing a less qualified candidate. When all the people in a work group have analogous backgrounds, there’s an inclination for them to think alike and less open to new ideas.

In order to accurately choose the right applicant, here are two of the characteristics that you should take note:

Self Confidence. When an applicant is confident, he should not be afraid to talk about his failures. He should not try to impress you by bragging about his accomplishments, instead, should be matter-of-fact about it. He should project an image of being totally secure in his feelings about his capabilities. If this is exhibited, it is more probable that the applicant will manifest such self-confidence on the job, enabling him to adapt readily to the new situation.

Fluent Expression. Fluency of expression pertains to the individual’s ability to discuss her background easily and fluently. One should not hesitate or grasp for words. When you probe for details, one should be ready with statistics or examples and specific applications. This indicates not only one’s expertise, but the ability to communicate which is an essential ingredient in many jobs.

There are some glib people who can take a great job but have only cursory experience or knowledge of it. They learn and use the jargon of the field. To determine if an applicant is a talker, but not a doer, ask an in-depth question and probe for specific examples of his or her words. Glib phonies cannot come up with meaningful answers.


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